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E-commerce has boomed tremendously in recent years. As a result, requirements for logistics have also increased. This aspect is becoming more and more important in production plants. In many places, batch sizes are becoming smaller again – batch sizes of 1 are not uncommon.

The expectation

Today's logistics systems must frequently be product-independent and therefore particularly flexible. The software should have a basic structure that is as generic and modular as possible. Developing all this requires in-depth understanding of drive technology, sensor technology, computer vision, and robotics.

Our projects

  • Collaboration on an overhead conveyor system for up to 12,000 items per hour
  • Optimization of a system solution for conveying, sorting, and picking parcels
  • Optimization of a baggage transport system for an airport
  • High-bay warehouse for window-pane parts

Our services

We are at your side from the planning stage through implementation, commissioning, support, and continuous optimization of your system.

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