Industriegruppe Klettgau visits Brütsch Elektronik

On 20.10.2022 we had the pleasure to present ourselves as host for the general assembly of the Industriegruppe Klettgau (IGK). 

The members were given an insight into the areas of activity of our company by our colleagues Kajsa Pettersson, Bendik Höhn and Cornelius Niemeyer and were then given a tour of the new premises in Beringen. Thereby they could convince themselves of our modern infrastructure. 

After the tour the official part of the meeting started according to the prevailing statutes. 

Industriegruppe Klettgau represents 35 member companies in Klettgau and their common interests. The IGK pursues among other things as goals the exchange of experience among the members, the promotion of the co-operation of the Klettgauer industry, information and further training offers in different specialist areas.

You can read the corresponding article from "Schaffhauser Nachrichten" online here (*only with subscription) or view it in the attached PDF file (in German).